Cria Bottle CaddyTM


Cria Bottle Caddy

Low profile, easy to use
Straight Model
accommodates most
cria-size bottles.


Cria Bottle Caddy


Cria Bottle Caddy - curved model

Curved Model
accommodates an
angled bottle.


Cria Bottle Caddy

VP Milagro and the original
Cria Bottle CaddyTM
as seen on page 397 in
The Complete Alpaca Book
by Eric Hoffman.


An aid for the cria in crisis if:
  • Mom isn't around, if
  • Mom cannot supply enough nourishment, or when
  • imprinting is an issue
because sometimes it takes your additional efforts to keep your cria healthy.  The Cria Bottle Caddy, adapted from the original (lower left photo), is available to suit your cria's needs and your preference.

Whether it's for a vigorous helping

Alpaca using the cria bottle caddy.

or a casual sip

the Cria Bottle CaddyTM will accommodate most cria-size bottles and can be easily cleaned.  The assembly offers a left or right side mount and an adjustable elastic strap.  Bottles are not included.

Unit prices: Straight model $22.95 (U.S.$), Curved model: $23.95 (U.S.$) + tax: 8% (California residents) + Shipping: $3.85 Priority Mail in U.S.  For multiple unit orders, international sales, or general information, email


Bay Tree Alpacas

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Bay Tree Alpacas does not represent or warrant that the bottles are suitable for your nursing cria and suggests you consult your veterinarian.