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The Alpaca Evaluation: A Guide for Owners and Breeders

A 3 DVD, CD and 120 page Handbook Set


Enjoy the "Stay at Home Seminar." Learn to use internationally accepted objective criteria to evaluate alpacas.

See Video clips from The Alpaca Evaluation.

Order your copy today! $199.99


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The Alpaca Evaluation:
A Guide for Owners and Breeders
By Eric Hoffman with Sherry Edensmith & Pat Long DVM
Published by Bonny Doon Press, LLC;

More than two years in the making, The Alpaca Evaluation: A Guide for Owners and Breeders, DVD, CD and Handbook set, shows alpaca owners how to use proven objective criteria to gain essential information for making informed husbandry, breeding, buying and selling decisions.  

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Using criteria developed by experts in 1996, Pat Long DVM, & Eric Hoffman, demonstrate the techniques they have used to evaluate the structural soundness, phenotype characteristics, and fiber quality of alpacas for registries around the world.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • A 3 hour DVD, of National Geographic quality, filmed in Peru and North America by Silverwood Productions, allows you to learn from the experts. Long and Hoffman demystify alpaca evaluation. They present an evaluation overview, the complete evaluation of a single alpaca, and a compilation of video clips and still images to illustrate a wide range of characteristics that may be found in an evaluation. Following their hands-on demonstration, scores are explained to help owners utilize their evaluation results.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Individual DVD chapters give in-depth information on the objective evaluation techniques for phenotype characteristics, body condition, teeth, jaws, eyes, ears, airflow through nostrils, spinal and reproductive systems, locomotion, leg soundness, heart, hernias and fiber. 

Click here to watch video excerpt..
  • Dr. Jane Wheeler explains alpaca prehistory, and the development of fine fleeces.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • From Arequipa, Peru, Derek Michell, Juan Pepper and Narcisa Quispe Tanca offer a multi-faceted portrait of fiber processing and international marketing. 

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Eric Hoffman gives a hands-on comparison of South America’s camelid breeds and species.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Interviewed on site in the Peruvian highlands, Rural Alianza President, Jose Gomez and Dr. Jose Apaza explain the breeding and fiber goals of the world’s largest alpaca operation.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Angus McColl takes you behind the scenes at Yocom-McColl Testing Laboratories, Inc. to watch the creation of a histogram.
  • The Alpaca Evaluation Handbook, a fully referenced 120-page text with more than 150 color photographs, tables, graphs, and illustrations. Expands the evaluation techniques shown on the DVD. The handbook explains what to look for, why it is important, and presents the history and ongoing scientific discussions of the evaluation criteria. Scoring, and considerations for using evaluation results are included in each chapter.

Click here to watch video excerpt.
  • Transparent templates are included to allow precise measurement of leg angles, as demonstrated in the DVD.
  • The Alpaca Evaluation Form CD simplifies scoring and record keeping.  The icon based form changes the technical language of the original screening evaluation into a user-friendly format.  The authors have created an evaluation tool that can be understood in any language and used by lay persons as well as animal care professionals.

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